Chemotherapy. Been there. Done that.

Uneventfully, I go to check Cliff out of the hospital and bring him home.  We’re both relieved he is back.  And we hold our breath, wondering what the fallout will be from the chemo.  So far it’s fatigue, a druggy feeling and a bit of nausea.  Not pleasant, but not violently sick.

Grant builds the train track around base of the Christmas tree while Grandma ‘Teetah’, who has had no lasting effects from Friday’s little eye procedure, sorts the ornaments.

Grant and Teetah decorate the tree

My mom’s name is Teresa, but Grant couldn’t say that when he was a toddler so she became Teetah.  Teetah and Grant both love decorating the house for the seasons and enjoy all the festive traditions during the holidays.

Love, Esser

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