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All profits go to cancer research and asbestos safety education.

This e-book is PC, Mac and iPhone compatible (not iPad, hopefully soon).


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When you receive the email containing the link, once you click the link, it will begin downloading the book to your computer in .pdf format.  There isn’t a message or anything to tell you it’s doing that, so thought I’d better let you know it just automatically happens.  You will find the document in your ‘Downloads’ folder once the download is complete.

Also please note; the book contains a large number of photographs.  Because of the photos, it may take a while to download, usually 15 minutes, but possibly even up to one hour depending on your device and your internet connection.  If it takes longer than one hour there may be some problem with a server or band width or something and you might want to try back later.  Thank you again for your kind interest and your generous support.

xxx SJW

P.S. You can write and read reviews about this book on the Donating Oranges facebook page by clicking this link.  Donating Oranges Facebook Page