Last Day of School.

Savory muffins

Savoury muffins delivered by a beautiful friend to our door.

Cried myself to sleep in Cliff’s arms last night.

Rebooted today.  I had a huge sleep.  It’s such a relief.

Today school finishes for the year.

(Australia is in the southern hemisphere. So the seasons are opposite to the northern hemisphere.  It’s the start of our summer break now.  Christmas is always hot and 4 July, which isn’t celebrated here — obviously, since the Queen of England is still Australia’s Queen — is in the middle of winter.)

Kind of relieved no more school responsibilities, no more sporting responsibilities, no more school crowds, but also kind of freaked by what this summer will bring.

And forgive me for just saying this again, but …


Seriously.  W … T … F?  And how is this happening?

Love, Esser

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