The First Moment of the Quest for O.K.ness

Extremely hot today.  Boys played with water-balloons in the backyard heat.  Pure Boy Joy.  Tossing and smashing water-balloons.  Keeping cool and having fun.

Leo and the water balloon

If I can just focus.  Focus on what’s here and stop thinking about the imaginary things, good and bad, that may happen in the future.  I am reminded of that classic 22-year-old song by Jesus Jones, Right Here, Right Now.  Here is a link to an Old Jesus Jones video.  The song is better than the video clip.

Water balloons promise cool times

Normally on this momentous day, the first day of the year, we remember the year we’ve just had and look forward to the year ahead.  But forget that now.  I am to learn how to understand that this moment is my everything.  I wonder, on this journey for peace, my quest for O.K.ness, if the panic the future promises for me — which is all I hold in my bag now — will slip out of a hole in the bottom each time I put This Moment’s Peace inside, or if I will have to forage around inside and pull out the panic piece by piece.  Either way I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me.

Fruit Salad with mint

Lara dropped off this scrumptious summer salad.  It’s the little sprigs of mint that took the taste over the top and made it extra special.  Unreal.  I know it’s just fruit.  But it’s so colorful and healthy and when a friend gives it to you, it makes it so much ‘specialerer’ and ‘festified’.

Love, Esser

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