‘Will’-ing some humor into my day.

Angel of Hope from Kelly and Ward O’Donnell

Angel of Hope

9.31 a.m.  Today we had a visit from Alex and Celine Jacobs and their son, Troy.

They offered to take our three boys back to their house to play with their chickens and watch a film, which our boys love doing.  So our house was quiet in the afternoon.  I worked on my will.  The will lawyer, David, emailed us a draft of the will based on our very simple, existing wills.  Now I am going through and checking what he wrote and to make a final draft.  I am almost done.

I came to the part of my will that talks about donating organs.  I’ve always thought I wouldn’t have much use for my organs when I’m dead, so why not help someone else with them.  When I was typing my wishes I accidentally wrote, ‘I will donate any oranges …’


I couldn’t stop laughing!  I meant to say, ‘organs’, ‘I will donate any organs.’  That typo tooootally cracked me up.

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Then I got to thinking …

How funny would it be if I left that in my will?  There’s the bereaved, gathered in the lawyer’s office for the reading of the will. ‘Sarah Jane Washington has left all her oranges to be donated to those in need.’  The puzzled looks. ‘Oranges?  What the …?’  They’d roll their eyes and say, ‘You mean marbles.  She’s donating all her marbles!  Man, she was losing those at the end, wasn’t she?’

I did leave it in my will.  A bit of humour isn’t going to hurt anyone.  It’s going to help.

Now it actually reads:

I will gladly donate any oranges…

…just kidding.  I accidentally wrote ‘oranges’ and thought I should leave it in because, by now (since we’re at the end of my will), you could probably use a little bit of light, comic relief.  What I meant to say, of course, was I will gladly donate any organs.  Which is true.  However, I do not want my body donated to science, thank you kindly anyway.  I have a few medical friends who have discouraged me from doing this, as they have shared their extremely amusing stories about what they did to the cadavers they were given in medical school.  (Let your imagination go wild and you’ve still got a way to go.)  Even though I’ve always wanted to be in films I don’t think my dead body needs to feature in anyone’s comedic medical school youtube clip.  I think I will give that exciting opportunity a miss.  Having said that, if someone needs my eyes, which aren’t really all that great, or my heart which is big but broken, or any of my other bits for spare parts, I’d be honored to fill the gap.

May give someone a laugh.  Or at least lighten the mood a bit.  It did mine.  And, in my day, in the kind of days we’re having, if I can find anything to laugh at, anything at all, I grab on to it with both hands and laugh the hell out of it.  And if there’s still some funny left in it when I’m done, I tuck it away and pull it out for a giggle later.

Which reminds me, I’ve been googling comedians lately.  My humor hunting has uncovered these guys.  I recommend Google ’em:

Russell Peters – current fave

Ross Noble — funny Irish or is he Scottish? I think that’s one of his jokes actually.

Tim Minchin — top-quality entertainment

Ricky Gervais — and some of the idiot abroad series


2.00 p.m.  Jim Frazier also stopped by this afternoon with a huge basket of fruit.  His wife has been battling breast cancer.  Hard.

Then Chase and Guy, Emma and Sophia came over to bring us Christmas presents and cards and chocolate.  I got a cloud broach and a beautiful, delicate little silver Christmas tree.  The boys will wait and open theirs on Christmas.  Emma and Sophia left love notes all over the house for the boys to find when they got home because they were still at the Jacobs’ house.

Around six o’clock the boys came home.  We ate an incredible meal of bangers and mash prepared by Bridgette Curnow.  The kids played for an extra while after dinner on the trampoline with the sprinkler on underneath and the slide with the hose water running down it.  So hot today.

Tonight, a normal night of stories and bed.

Night now.

Love, Esser

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